Heather Williams

Heather Williams


Clean: 200

Overhead Squat: 190

130 Unbroken Wallballs

Back Squat 260

4:15 marathon time (not an impressive but for someone whose not a runner this was a huge accomplishment for me!)


Crossfit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

AFFA group fitness


Yoga Alliance

USA Weightlifting L1

(also almost done with precision nutrition certification)

About Coach

I grew up doing a little of everything—Soccer, Track and Field (I loved the hurdles), dance, and cheer. I was the captain of my high school cheer squad and have always loved being active. After high school, I fell in love with yoga. I got my yoga alliance certification, group fitness, and TRX. I found Crossfit Draper in 2011 and was instantly hooked. I already loved fitness, but Crossfit lit a fire in me. The physical and mental challenge of a hard WOD had me hooked. I was certified to coach later that year in 2011 and have since then been certified in Olympic lifting and worked on my precision nutrition. I love challenging myself and believe in the actual change that comes with doing hard things. I have been through 4 pregnancies while doing CrossFit and have been able to recover and build back each time- I consider that one of my most significant accomplishments!

Turning Point

I’m a mom of four kids, which is absolutely amazing and 1000% exhausting. I am head underwater in motherhood, but finding time to do something for myself helps me be a better human for them and everyone who has to deal with me! Each kid has given me the opportunity (and the struggle) to build back up my fitness and commit to my health. I still struggle to find balance, but I am committed to being the best version of myself that I can be, and I hope I can help others find that for themselves, too!

Motivation & Passion

I love people! I want to help others be the best versions of themselves. I support them through challenges that force growth and find joy in learning a new skill. My passion is helping others make goals, reach them, and have fun doing it.