Attention Parents: Due to the small turn out that we have been having for CrossFit Kids we have decided to discontinue the program. We apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause and appreciate your understanding!


Airfare will be about $750 per person (if we book soon). Lodging will be $100 per person per night. Food will be approximately $500 per person for the week. We can stay for 7-9 days and I am thinking the second or third week of May. If we stay for 7 nights the total per person will be about $1950. We need at least 10 people to go for it to be affordable! Please let Brandon know if you are interested!


Do you want to improve your Olympic Lifts?! Well you’re in luck! We are planning to run Olympic lifting workshops starting in march, it will be a 3 session course running 3 Wednesdays of each month from 7:30 until 9:00pm. The cost will be $30.00 and there is limited space available, so look for the sign-up sheet!

The games season is here! If you have any interest in competing in the CrossFit Games Open at our Box click here to get registered!

Lauri is making sure to reach full depth on her Back Squats!


Choose your Squat:
Back, Front, or Overhead

Then for time:
50 Burpee Pull-Ups

How to Think About CrossFit

CrossFit is more than just about getting sweaty.  Don’t get me wrong, you will get sweaty, be out of breath, and feel sore, but you could get all that in a spin class.  So is CrossFit just another fitness program that makes you sweaty?  The answer is of course ‘No’.

CrossFit is a program that can change lives.  CrossFitters are pursuing an elite level of fitness.  That elite level of fitness, being in the best shape of your life, means looking and feeling athletic and healthy, being able and prepared for life’s unknowns, whether it be pushing your car off to the side of the road, or hiking Half Dome in Yosemite.  Being in the best shape of your life can mean beating your friends in sports, doing pull-ups when you never could do them before, or running a half marathon.  Spinning, pilates, and gimmicky weight machines will not get you any of that, but CrossFit can.

A more appropriate way to think about CrossFit is to think of it as going to college, where you take classes, study, develop skills, and then 4 years later, earn a degree.  It’s the same way with CrossFit.  You’ll take classes, develop skills in gymnastics, running, and weightlifting, and with time and commitment, develop into an athlete and earn a ‘degree’ in fitness.

Think about it, just like you wouldn’t sign up for a semester of Spanish, attend only a few classes, and expect to do well on the exam, you can’t do CrossFit sporadically and expect to get fit.  You have to work and show up consistently.

You can’t enroll in upper division college courses without having the necessary tools and skills from the prerequisite classes, and you can’t excel in the more complex movements in CrossFit without first mastering the basics.

In college, you take notes, learn new vocabulary, and study.  What other fitness program has you keep a journal, learn new terms like ‘active shoulders’, or study videos to better analyze human, athletic movement?

Success in college is measured not in months, but in years; you don’t get a bachelors degree after a single semester.  A mastery of CrossFit will also take not months, but years.  Muscle-ups, handstands, rowing, a bodyweight snatch, are CrossFit milestones that you will have to earn over the course of years.

It is that sort of commitment and philosophy with regard to CrossFit that will get you toward an elite level of fitness and health.  The college student that attends the classes, participates in the lectures, and studies the material will succeed and graduate.  The CrossFitter that attends the classes, actively receives the coaching, learns how to move, and makes the commitment will also succeed.

So, are you the student that drops in every now and then to physics 101, or are you studying quantum physics, in your final semester of school, getting ready to graduate with honors?

CrossFit is hard work and you will be challenged with new and difficult skills and tasks.  And while it may seem easier to just grab a spin bike, adjust the seat, and start pedaling, remember that nothing in life worth wanting ever came easy.


“You get the best out of others when you get the best out of yourself.” 

— Harvey S. Firestone